Sunday, August 29, 2004

Flavaville Follow-up

Following up on the news that Rep. Alex Warner will switch to the dark side, the News and Observer reported in Under the Dome on Thursday that Warner will be unable to run as a Republican against freshman Representative Rick Glazier, who beat him in the Democratic Primary for House District 45. That is because the rightful heir to the GOP nomination, Robert Lawrence, refused to step aside.

According to the article, Warner also declined to run against Senator Tony Rand, saying, "As important as Tony Rand is in his position as Rules chairman for the Senate, his expertise in the Senate and his success in that environment, why in the world would anyone want to change that picture? He not only delivers for his county, but he delivers for this geographic area."

The cynic in us asks, 'Know what else Senator Rand delivers? Tons of money. And votes.' The cynic in us also wonders if Representative Warner regrets saying all those nice things about Mr. Lawrence selling himself short last week...


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