Friday, August 06, 2004

Black says Kerry will help economy

The News and Observer reports that Speaker Jim Black and Virginia Governor Mark Warner organized a conference call to tell reporters that President Bush's econonic and trade policies have hurt North Carolina's economy.

Two interesting things to point out:

First, writer Rob Christensen notes that when a journalist asked Speaker Black about John Edwards' economic record in North Carolina, Black, "seemed stumped." That may well be the truth, but Christensen doesn't fully explain why he got that impression.

Second, I find it strange that NC Governor Mike Easley continues to avoid public support of the Kerry-Edwards campaign. He didn't come to the rally in Raleigh, he didn't attend the Democratic National Convention, and now, Speaker Black is sitting in on conference calls for the campaign with governors from other states. It's not about John Edwards--Governor Easley stumped for the North Carolina Senator in Iowa. I have to wonder if it's association with the Democratic Presidential candidate that Easley is trying to avoid.


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