Tuesday, August 10, 2004

More Interesting Stuff In NC-5

Months ago, Bob Dole's vice presidential candidate, Jack Kemp, endorsed Vernon Robinson for the House of Representatives. Then, just weeks before the election, he announced that he had withdrawn his support and asked his readers to vote for Ed Broyhill instead, saying, "Robinson was running a very negative and aggressive anti-immigration campaign, which I believe is contrary to the core values of the party of Lincoln."

Just last week, everyone's favorite paleoconservative, Pat Buchannan fired back with his column in The American Conservative. He says, "Jack believes being pro-illegal is good politics."

A little further down, he gets to the heart of his argument, "Since Bush took office, his free-trade policies have produced a net loss of 2.6 million manufacturing jobs, one in every six in the USA. The textile and apparel industries in the Carolinas have been especially hard hit. These jobs have historically been the access ramp to the American Dream for blacks, Hispanics, single moms, and working poor. Is Vernon Robinson wrong to want to stop shipping these jobs off to China? "

That's funny because the crux of Jack Kemp's argument for withdrawing his endorsement was specific to Robinson's anti-immigration policies. But for the purpose of this race, a war with words between two pundits doesn't really matter.

Well, where exactly does Mr. Robinson stand on immigration, you ask?

Here is what Mr. Robinson has to say:

Our immigration policy is nuts. Over 400,000 foreign students have overstayed their student visas, and we simply have no idea where they are! Over thirty thousand of these are from Muslim countries, and they’ve simply disappeared.

Most of those missing Muslims pose no threat to America, of course, but it only takes a handful of would-be “martyrs” to cause real problems, as we learned on September 11th, 2001.

The mastermind of the Twin Towers/Pentagon attack, Khalid Shaik Mohammed (whom we have captured), recently told U.S. officials that Al Qaeda is planning to carry out future attacks, including the firebombing of the Washington Metrorail, by smuggling terrorists, equipment, and toxic chemicals over our unguarded Mexican border!

We have troops in 120 countries around the world (including half a million in Iraq and Afghanistan), but we won’t defend our own borders with Mexico and Canada -- even after our mortal enemies tell us in advance that that is how they are going to hit us next!

With the communist North Koreans bragging that they will sell a nuclear bomb to Osama Bin Laden, why in the world do we refuse to defend our borders? Remember, a ragtag band of these Arab misfits used public transportation and a handful of box-cutters to kill more Americans in the 2001 World Trade Center attack than the Japanese killed at Pearl Harbor.

The next time they come at us, they may be armed with more than box cutters. How much more damage could an organized terrorist do with a nuclear bomb that he simply drove across the Mexican desert into San Luis, Arizona one night, like a common drug smuggler?

The threat is real. Vehicles routinely crash the border gates at the Otay Mesa ports of entry near San Diego, a few miles from an international airport in Mexico. Occasionally these gatecrashing vehicles get through. We have no idea who is in them, or what their cargo is. I will make it my personal mission in Congress to put an end to this madness. Enough is enough...

Part of the reason these immigration problems go unchecked is that there are now so many immigrants in the country that too many Republicans and virtually all Democrats actually compete to see who can pander to them the most. Washington Mayor Anthony Williams has even argued that these illegal aliens should have the right to vote! That’s where I draw the line.

This pandering is what created the explosion of so-called “sanctuary cities.” A sanctuary city is one whose liberal city council has forbidden its police officers to report illegal aliens to the I.N.S. so they can be deported.

New York City repealed its sanctuary resolution after four illegal aliens raped an American woman there last December. Three of the four had been picked up by the police before and should have been deported, but because of the sanctuary resolution, the cops had never informed the I.N.S. that the aliens were in custody.

My alma mater, the United States Air Force Academy, recently found it had 23 illegal aliens working for it – more than the number that carried out the September 11 terrorist attacks. But these illegal aliens were actually working for a military service academy!

Juan Hernandez, the head of the “Mexican Ministry for Mexicans Living in the United States” makes no bones about his intentions. He says he wants to increase the flow of Mexicans into the United States so as to turn our culture and influence American policy toward Mexico. He told Congressman Tancredo that we are not really “two [separate] countries; it’s just a region.” That offends me greatly.

These are not racist observations – these immigration problems threaten our national security, our fiscal security, and our national culture and identity.

Strange that most of the September 11th hijackers were legal immigrants in the United States on student visas and that most of immigrants to the United States, legal or illegal, aren't terrorists and harbor no aspirations for becoming martyrs. Strange that none of them sought refuge in North Carolina. Strange that Robinson singles out immigrants from Muslim countries when most illegal aliens aren't from Arab states in particular, countries where a majority of citizens practice Islam in general, or even nations that harbor terrorists who seek the violent overthrow of the American government of any stripe. Turns out that many of the groups that publically profess to seek the violent overthrow of the United States government actually live in the (get ready for this) United States. And don't doubt their sincerity. Ask the people of Oklahoma City if you don't believe me.


At August 28, 2004 at 9:39 AM, Blogger Noel said...

Where are all the fiery Democrats? I keep listening & hoping to hear another Kennedy or Clinton, & I keep hearing candidates make a stand & promtly back off of it. This seems to be one area where our party needs a shot in the arm. Barak has it, Edwards has it, Carvelle(sp?) has it. These are the types we need yelling their heads off to combat the Republican, "if I talk long enough & loud enough, then I'm right" idiots. I'm sick of watching those respresenting our "side" on all those quasi-news talk shows, politely sit back & wait for the Republican screamer of the day to finish or give a watery protesting, "if I may...," "let me respond...," "may I respond to the question..." The Rupublican answer to all these questions is NO! They aren't polite, they don't care about intelligent discourse, why do we persist with proven loser methods!
It makes me nuts!

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