Thursday, September 30, 2004

NC-11: Keever needs help

I'm going to post our first legislative candidate highlight later this weekend, but I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention Patsy Keever, opponent to Repub. Charles Taylor in the Eleventh, and her online fundraising efforts.

Keever is our one really solid pick-up opportunity in N.C., but Taylor has a massive adbuy and the momentum of incumbency for her to overcome first.

I got this e-mail from Keever's campaign today:

Now, I am turning to you. As the 4th quarter filing draws to a close, I need your help. Any contribution you can give will make a huge difference. Contributions of $100, $50, $25 and $10 will add up fast. If 500 of you donate just $20, we'll have raised an additional $10,000. In real
terms, that is enough money to stay on the radio for an entire week in the 11th District.

... We have accomplished something so amazing during this election. We have taken a grassroots campaign and propelled it to one of the most watched congressional campaigns of the election cycle. I thank you for that.

As a campaign, we have outraised Charles Taylor for three consecutive filing quarters. Now, with less than 24 hours left in the filing period, we have the opportunity to continue the streak and to keep the momentum going strong until November 2nd.

Wait... what?
As a campaign, we have outraised Charles Taylor for three consecutive filing quarters.

Impressive. A Buncombe County commissioner is outraising an entrenched Repub. incumbent who's been stockpiling cash for years. Tell me that would happen if not for the attention of Atrios and the rest of the web community.

If you can give Keever some of your time or a few bucks, please do.

And (while we're out in Western Cackilack) responding to Jeff Onamotopoe's comments on the "What are we doin' here?" thread, these threads aren't going to be Chapel Hill-centric... As a matter of fact, if we're smart we'll stay out of Chapel Hill politics altogether. We intend to spread our focus across the state, but if we're going to do that we need help from some of y'all Western folks. Seen a good article that isn't in the N&O or Observer? Share. Heard rumors? Noticed a candidate's presence? Or know a good way to give time to a candidate out in WNC? Share.


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