Monday, August 16, 2004

NC:5 - Playing on your fears

Tomorrow's runoff election ends the debacle that was the 5th District Republican primary, and the conclusion will come as either another embarrassing loss for Vernon Robinson or another few years of embarrassing representation for North Carolina.

Robinson's latest lunacy? This piece of work reported by the AP. Only a short while after the arrest of Kamran Akhtar, the Pakistani who was found videotaping the skyline in Charlotte (and several other cities in the region), Robinson uses the scary episode to bully his would-be constituency once again.

Robinson's ad shows a picture of Akhtar. In the ad, an announcer says: "This is Pakistani terrorist Kamran Akhtar. He got arrested videotaping targets in Charlotte, North Carolina. He came here illegally, across our Mexican border."

Then Robinson speaks. "I'm Vernon Robinson and I approve this message because Akhtar didn't come here to live the American dream. He came here to kill you."


Even better: the resignation with which Tom Foxx, husband and campaign manager to Robinson's runoff opponent Virginia Foxx, responds to the ad. Sigh, Vernon's at it again.

"That's his tactic with everything he does," said Tom Foxx, Foxx's husband and campaign manager. "If the guy was a terrorist and there was proof of that, that'd be one thing. But you can't make the giant leap."


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