Friday, September 17, 2004

Charlotte Observer: 'Election `ground war' wants you'

The Charlotte Observer runs a neat little story about what your average volunteer can do to make a difference before election day. They're preaching the gospel as far as we're concerned. Thus sayeth Tim Funk:

"It's not too late to be a volunteer. If you're willing to walk door to door, make phone calls, drive people to the polls, even host a debate-watching party, the campaigns and political parties want you. But, hey, it's the 21st century, so don't overlook the volunteer opportunities offered by the Internet. The old, expensive days of licking stamps and envelopes have been replaced by the era of the e-mail."

If you want to volunteer:

Kerry-Edwards: (919) 832-5559 in Raleigh

North Carolina Democratic Party: please contact Sallie Leslie at 919-821-2777, ext. 105

UNC Young Democrats: Contact Tom Jensen or visit


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