Saturday, September 18, 2004

In response to the latest poll numbers from North Carolina, Dustin Ingalls asked about cell phones and polling. It's good that he did.

This morning, Taegan Goddard posted a piece that Jimmy Breslin wrote for Newsday.

Breslin says:

The telephone polls do not include cellular phones.

There are almost 169 million cell phones being used in America today - 168,900,019 as of Sept. 15, according to the cell phone institute in Washington.There is no way to poll cell phone users, so it isn't done.

Not one cell phone user has received a call on their cell phone asking them how they plan to vote as of today.Out of 168 million, anything can happen.

Midway through election night, these stern-faced network announcers suddenly will be frozen white and they have to give a result:"It appears that the winner of the election tonight is ... Milford J. Schmitt of New Albany, Ind. He presently has 56 percent of the vote, placing him well ahead of John Kerry, George Bush and another newcomer, Gibson D. Mills of Corvallis, Ore. It appears the nation's voting habits have been changed unbeknownst to us. Mr. Schmitt was asked what party he is in. He answered, 'The winning party.'"


At September 18, 2004 at 12:13 PM, Blogger Dustin Ingalls said...

Yeah, I had seen that. It's very interesting to ponder. Zogby apparently wrote Taegan an explanation of his comments that reassured him that his phone polls are still valid. But I doubt they are when we're facing a potentially massive 18-24 turnout. I doubt anyone in this university or any other has been polled. And we represent a significantly different set of opinions and values than most North Carolinian voters.


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