Monday, August 16, 2004

SurveyUSA: Bowles 50, Burr 42

SurveyUSA just came out with a poll that's all around a little less cheery for Dems. than last week's N&O poll.

Bush: 51, Kerry 45

Easley: 51, Ballantine: 44

Bowles: 50, Burr: 42

Of interest:

Households earning less than $40K/Yr. split ticket and vote for GOP Bush at top of ticket and Dems. Bowles & Easley down-ticket. ... Easley up 13 in Triangle, candidates tied elsewhere.

In contrast, a poll conducted last week by the N&O, WRAL and WUNC gives the following numbers:

Bush/Cheney: 48, Kerry/Edwards: 45

Easley 51, Ballantine 35

Bowles: 47, Burr 39


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