Saturday, August 28, 2004

NC-11: Keever pulls within margin of error

Stephen Yellin at The Stakeholder reports that a new poll from Dem. pollsters at The Feldman Group shows Patsy Keever only down by three points to incumbent Rep. Charles Taylor in the 11th District. This is at least four days old, but I hadn't seen it anywhere.

Taylor: 49
Keever: 46
Undecided/other: 5
MoE: 4.4

Yellin also includes some of the better analysis I've seen.

NC-11 is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the state (in the western section), and includes the city of Asheville, a liberal oasis in a conservative, rural swathe of land. Despite this, the district is quite winnable for John Kerry due to heavy job losses in the district, and this is one reason why Keever, a Buncombe County Commissioner and a retired teacher, can win.

Another reason is Taylor's weakness as an incumbent-he's garnered just 55% in the last two elections against the same opponent, despite GOP tides in the area in both years. He's recently come under heavy fire for a banking scandal that occurred in his company (he's another Congressman, Inc.), and a brand-new poll from The Feldman Group (D) confirms his vulnerability. In a head-to-head poll, without attacks or biographies, Taylor leads by just 49-46 over Keever. In addition, the poll shows Kerry virtually tied with Bush in the district as well,
removing any coattails for Taylor.

Keever is probably our best pickup opportunity in the state, and can use all the help she can get.

If you can, give her some help here.


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