Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Winston-Salem Journal--Foxx beats Robinson in 5th District runoff

The Winston-Salem Journal says that, "The expensive and explosive fight among Republicans hoping to succeed Richard Burr in the 5th Congressional District ended last night, with state Sen. Virginia Foxx easily defeating Winston-Salem City Council Member Vernon Robinson."

Foxx will face Democrat Jim Harrell Jr. in the general election in November.

We at this blog have said lots about how crazy Vernon Robinson's politics are, but our relative silence concerning Sen. Foxx doesn't mean that her policies make sense.

Some of you may remember Sen. Foxx from her appearance on the Daily Show with John Stewart when correspondent Mo Rocca was sent to Chapel Hill to cover the controversy surrounding the summer reading book, Approaching the Qu'ran.

The web-archive of the telecast is no longer available, but I can assure you that Sen. Foxx told Mo Roccan (though I paraphrase) that she was sure "terrorists are glad that Carolina freshmen are reading that book."

Sen. Foxx simply does not belong in Washington, DC.


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