Friday, August 20, 2004

BREAKING NEWS --- Rep. Warner to switch to Republican Party

Big news out of Fayetteville as long time Democratic Representative Alex Warner is expected to announce that he will switch parties and join the Republicans in a press conference today at noon.

In July, Warner lost a hard-fought primary against freshman Democratic legislator Rick Glazier. There is speculation that Warner is switching parties in order to attempt a rematch for the November general election.

Acccording to the Fayetteville Observer, "Republican 45th District House candidate Robert Lawrence said Thursday that the state Republican Party has asked him to not run so that Warner could step in as a Republican. Lawrence said he would consider it."

Many speculate that Warner could steal the support of conservative Democrats away from Rep. Glazier while mobilizing the district's Republican base. In that scenario, Warner has a very good chance of winning back the competitive district.

But Warner doesn't seem so sure. He told the paper that "Lawrence is selling himself short."

"'He stands a pretty good chance of beating Rick Glazier in November himself,' Warner said. Republicans already have about 36 percent to 37 percent of the vote, Warner said, and he could add the conservative Democrats who backed Warner in the primary."

We will continue to follow this situation, and provide updates as they become available.


At August 21, 2004 at 12:27 PM, Blogger anonyMoses said...

He's probably being paid off by someone in the GOP. Weak branches will fall.


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